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Hello, I am Luciano and on this page you can know more about me and my work.

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A student starting my career in Computer Engineering

I've always had an interest in technology and have been in touch in programming since I was 10 years old. In 2021, I received a scholarship for undergraduate studies at Insper after completing Technician high school in electronics. That's when I decided to get into a career in this field.

Since then, I've been able to build a solid foundation in various subjects such as entrepreneurship, programming, algorithms, computer architecture, and electronics. The engineering course aligned perfectly with my interests, allowing me to combine my passion for problem-solving, innovation, technology, and creativity.

I constantly seek to gain practical experience and have already been involved in various projects. Soon, I'll be starting internships, and I'm excited to apply my skills in real-world scenarios. These experiences will not only enhance my technical competence but also strengthen fundamental aspects such as teamwork, effective communication, and adaptability in professional environments.

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This is the view of my Pentium Dual-Core on a metallographic microscope. This was the processor of my first computer, which lead me through the early years of my journey.
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From Student to Graduate

Insper view from inside

My university journey was marked by a constant pursuit of learning and engagement. From the very beginning, I dedicated myself to building a solid foundation in various fields such as entrepreneurship, programming, algorithms, computer architecture, and electronics. Choosing this career was a natural extension of my passion for technology and solving complex problems.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I immersed myself in various practical projects that allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. I participated in the development of a processor based on the RISC-V architecture for aerospace applications, where I learned the importance of bottom-up methodology and effective team collaboration. Another significant project was the development of the game "Cyberbullet Chaos: Neon Rogue," which combined my creativity with programming skills to create an engaging gaming experience.

Beyond academic projects, I sought to enrich my education by participating in extracurricular activities and organizations. As an active member of the Institutional Evaluation Committee, I contributed to the self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the institution. In Insper Mileage, I served as Director of Software, leading teams and developing systems for real-time data collection and visualization. These experiences not only expanded my technical skills but also strengthened fundamental abilities such as teamwork, effective communication, and adaptability.

My engagement and dedication during my undergraduate studies reflect a trajectory of constant learning and development. With the completion of my degree, I am eager to begin my professional career, applying the skills I have acquired to new challenges and continuing to pursue innovation and personal growth.

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